Medical / Rehab Testimonial

Dear All at Maxfit Gloves Australia,

You all deserve pats on the back! I Bought 3 pairs of your great gloves at Primex, Casino, NSW in June/July for myself, a friend and my husband. My friend loves hers and uses them virtually every day on her farm. My husband is a chef and uses his frequently in the fridge/freezer area as well as other lifting/carrying chores. I am Disabled, and drive a car fitted with hand controls, as was finding that my hand was cramping while holding on the steering ball, and my other hand on the brake/accelerator handle. No cramping anymore as I wear my gloves to drive!! Not only is there no cramping and pain, but I have a great grip on the steering ball as my hand would often get sweaty from being in the one position for the drive. They are also great for grip and no sweating on the handle of the walking crutch I use every day!!I've also found they are great for grooming my dog, as they are so sensitive to use that you can feel ticks etc, and your hands and nails don’t get gross from the grooming!

I love my gloves and have just ordered more, for myself to have a few pairs in different places for use, my husband, friends, and now also my Dad! Great product-lovely courteous prompt service-Well Done All Round!! I hope the MAXFIT message gets circulated to lots of people, especially Disabled People, as they are great!! We will be speaking to All, and will be back for more!! :)

Military & Law Enforcement.

"The Maxfit gloves are great and the guys are really satisfied"

DSgt. David Geibel Pemberton Township Police Dept, Pemberton NJ

"I was surprised by the protection the Maxfit gloves gave, given their weight and thickness. On the plus side, they are light, easy to stow, comfortable, and waterproof on the underside. They also allow decent manual dexterity (good for shooting, frisking, driving, etc.) and would be perfect for warm weather use."

Fausto Hernandez, Boarder Patrol Academy

"It's usually next to impossible to do precise tasks with gloves on. Most of the time, your hands move around in the gloves, you can't feel what you're holding and you end up feeling useless. But the Maxfit work gloves are fanfriggintastic. They were the thinnest, grippiest work gloves I had ever worn. Their try-out test was having me grip an Armor-All lubed PVC tube, then try to twist it out of my hand—it didn't budge."

Gizmodo.com - Paris France Military Expo.

"We train government and Military folks in all manners of fabrication and your Maxfit gloves fit a nitch between latex thin gloves and heavier leather mechanics gloves."

Dave Gollem, ITC

"I have tried the gloves and they are awesome. They don't look like much at the onset but they are the most form fitting, objective manipulating glove I have worn. I have use them on the motorcycle in rough terrain, the C-course in cold weather, driving, shooting, hiking, hunting, both rifle and handgun firing as well as just a little menial labor(chain saw, axe , maul work ). I have also used then while skinning critters(the blood washes right out of them). The gloves are much warmer that they appear and thus far have held up very well."

Wayne Jackson, Border Patrol _New Mexico.

"I have been using the Maxfit gloves at my work. Part of my job involves feeding inmates. We have metal trays that sit in warmers. To ensure that the trays/food is hot when it gets to the last ones to be fed, the warmers are set at 160 degrees farienheight. I usually feed first, that means, these trays are very hot. With these gloves, I have not been burned while feeding. I also have not had to use a towel as a "pot holder". They are great, and the fact that I can wash them with my uniforms is a plus."

Sarah Whitaker, Dobson NC

"The votes are in. You have a winner! Look at the response below from Pete. Pete and I served together in Iraq and he is a SWAT team leader in Maryland. He is one of the most experienced soldiers and tactical officers I know. If he likes your gloves, you have a good product..... Buddy, I’ve used them for everything. They’re awesome to shoot with."

Pete, SWAT Team, Balitmore MD.


"I want to send a note of thanks for the product you guys are producing. The next best thing always seems to pop up but you’ve really hit a home run with the MAXFIT gloves. I’ve been able to perform tedious tasks which require manipulative movements and still wear the gloves. Transmission work is a breeze and the cuts are no longer, clean up is almost nonexistent and the increase in grip allows me to perform at a higher rate for a longer time. The gloves hold up great and for the price I can afford to have several pairs scattered around. Keep the products coming."

Joe Grosso National Training Manager, Universal Technical Institute. Exton Pa.

"These breathable, sticky, tactile, and stretchy Maxfit gloves are just the thing for anyone who likes to fix their own stuff and handle their own fish, everyone will love these"

Prop Talk Magazine Baltimore MD

Home Chores, Crafters & Gardening.

"I gave a pair of Maxfit gloves to my wife and she has been using them around the house, gardening and yard work mostly. I got home yesterday and the first thing she said was they were the best thing I ever bought for her"

Joe Grosso, Exton PA

"It’s not often that I’m so immediately excited about a new product, but your MAXFIT™ gloves with Thinglove™ technology are impressive. I’ve carried them with me since the show and have shown them to a number of people. Their gripping capability is awesome, and I can’t stop talking about them"

Kristen Skyba, Baltimore, MD

"I had bought a few pairs of Max Fit Comfort gloves to try out, and to no surprise they are the best gloves I have ever owned, they are durable, comfortable, the best grip I have found and they breathe well so your hands don’t get all sweaty. I use them all over, in my garden, working on my cars, house hold chores, hunting and even welding. My wife even keeps a pair in the kitchen to use to open jars and other house hold chores. These gloves out perform any other gloves I have ever had. Where ever I go, a pair of Max Fit Comfort Gloves come with me. 
Thank You,"

Lee Wickenhauser, Eagan, MN.

Assembly & Product Handling.


I heard about the gloves at a car show in Ocean City in 2009 and have been hooked ever since. I have been using the black hidex Maxfit glove with your logo on the back of the hand. I am using the Maxfit glove as an Electrician. I do not expect them to protect me from shock however they have in the past I use them to simply keep my hands clean. To go from working on dirty, oily wires to touching clean ceiling tiles. My company is AEECO and the info is tagged to the bottom of this email. I have purchased these gloves in the past.

Some of my clients are very impressed with the Maxfit gloves because they work with small screws and my client’s don’t have to remove them from there hands because of the thinness and great dexterity the gloves have. I also use the Maxfit gloves when I am riding my motorcycle. I put them under my fingerless gloves and it just feels so comfortable. The Maxfit gloves is truly a great product and I would love to introduce them to more of my clients in this area. Thanks for your time Tony. I am ready to reorder!

American Eagle Electric Co LLC, Ross E. Payne (Managing Member)

"The gloves that you gave me to try out are great! As a Fedex courier its important for to be able to use my hands and fingers. My scanner is a little small as far as the funtions and keys, these gloves allow me to use my scanner even better than when I don't have gloves on. The material of the gloves responds well with the touch screen funtions of my scanner. These gloves are also very comfortable. My hands don't get hot or sweaty, I can wear them all day without any discomfort."

Brian Strain - Fedex, PA.

"THESE MAXFIT GLOVES ARE FANTASTIC! I stickered approximately 80,000 books before the first hole appeared! They are so easy to work with, too. You hardly realize you are wearing gloves!"

Lorraine Kolb of Choice books, Phoenix AZ

"I have been in need of something like this for locksmith work and they have been very helpfull....I rave about these gloves to anyone who will listen"

John Frederick - Locksmith DE.

"Just used up the first 4 pairs of gloves I purchased. They really worked well. I do home delivery of milk in 1/2 gallon glass bottles (about 5lb each). I might make 200 stops a night, handling 600 to 800 bottles each way (full ones out,empties back). In the summertime, everything is kept under a blanket of ice, which makes the bottles extremely slippery. Usually, at this point in the year, I've got a good case of tendonitis; but it's practically nonexistent this year. ........ Your gloves have lasted a lot longer than the kevlar ones, and are a lot more comfortable as well. "

Richard Ropp - Denver CO.

Assisted Living and Health.

I bought the Maxfit gloves and tried them on everything, I am handicapped and had to see how they worked, I have to transfer from chair to bed, bed to chair, chair to mat, mat to chair at therapy, lift weights getting in and out of shower (all transfers), these gloves our amazing!!!!! I have let others try them they do not make your hands sweat at all I could wear them all day and not sweat. Already have alot of people at therapy very interested. Gloves just give you positive strength.

- Jerry Sturgill, 57, King Pen Rd, Nottingham, PA 19362

"My wife has had problems with arthritis in her hands for a number of years, not able to handle a fork, spoon or even driving her car properly because of the pain of gripping things . Our friend had sent a pair of your gloves down to us, and now it's become a part of her life!! Maxfit has given her a second chance to live a better life. Thank you very very much!"

Daniel Patrick, Bonita Springs, Fl.

"In the summertime, everything is kept under a blanket of ice, which makes the bottles extremely slippery. Usually, at this point in the year, I've got a good case of tendonitis; but it's practically nonexistent this year."

Richard Ropp - Denver CO.

"I don’t know if you remember me, but at this year’s Show & Sell you demonstrated a pair of the Maxfit gloves that grip even when they are wet. I told you that I thought it would be great for my husband who suffers with Parkinson’s disease because it would give him the ability to help himself in and out of the bathtub. Well let me tell you it gave him back a measure of independence. Prior to receiving the gloves he had to have assistance getting in and out of the tub for fear he may slip and fall. He has been taking baths independent of assistance since he received them. I can’t express how happy that makes both of us. I no longer go into panic when I discover that he has tried taking a bath without someone being to assist him. Thank you so much…. It couldn’t have worked out any better!"

Bridgette Diggs, Veterans Canteen Service.

"I want to thank you for letting me get back to work on my antique autos. I had been avoiding what I truly love because of very sensitive skin that breaks out any time I am in contact with harsh soaps, grease or solvents. I tried to use cotton gloves but they were way too bulky. I then tried to use latex and I was allergic. Now that I use Maxfit Gloves I have no problem with allergies or rashes and I can work on the most delicate surfaces with a positive grip."

Bob Hand Old Bridge NJ.

"I would like to comment on the Maxfit gloves I received from you. Because I have contact dermatitis that flares up from time to time, and I like to do a lots of “handy work”, I have used gloves of some type for quite some time now. I have had all different types including the ones that claim to be “sensitive touch” I also use disposable latex gloves when painting or performing other tasks that would force me to do some very aggressive washing of my hands to remove paint, caulk, etc. When you have dermatitis, water or moisture is your worst enemy so the less time washing your hands the better. I must say that I am very pleased with your gloves. They afford a certain level of protection, but are so sensitive that I find I can perform tasks that normally I would have to do bare handed. As I mentioned to you in our conversation, I can peel of masking tape off a role and apply to a surface, something that was impossible with any other glove. Your gloves out perform any other gloves I have used in the past and with the exception of work were a heavy layer of protection is required due to my condition, I find myself using them exclusively. I would recommend them to anyone needing a work glove."

John Barrow, Zenith Products Corp, PA.

Boating and Outdoors

My wife and I have our own boat repair business on the Hudson River and have to work in some pretty tight spaces and often I can't see where I'm working - have to rely on touch to swap out parts, often dealing with small connections, nuts & bolts, etc.

I discovered the Maxfit gloves at a trade show over a year ago, thought they seemed just too flimsy and were priced too good to be true, but I did buy two pair to give them a try. Well, I have been wearing them almost daily and have come to rely on them. They are comfortable to wear in the heat or cold and are by far the best gloves I've found for handling small parts - I used to have to use my bare hands or flimsy rubber gloves that tear easily and usually ended up greasy with annoying nicks & cuts...

My wife works on upholstery and canvas on the boats and uses the gloves when she removes components from boats - usually everything is wet and moldy/rotten and she too avoids cuts and scrapes from raw fiberglass and exposed hardware and can still handle the tools and hardware without issue.

Unfortunately, I had discarded the contact info that came with the gloves and didn't know where to get more of them. I could just barely make out the logo on one of the gloves and rediscovered your company online. Now I've placed my first order as a distributor and can't wait to spread the word and showcase these gloves in our store as well. Thank you for such a well made & useful product!

Guy and Sandi Kiefer, Action Marine Services, Inc.

Hi, Elaine,

I like to tell you that the Maxfit gloves are amazing!

These gloves are miracle gloves for my family and myself being fishermen these gloves have changed the way we fish. At one time we use to wear gloves that were bulky and very hard to do anything with the gloves where never easy on the hands. With the Maxfit gloves not only protects our hands but still give us the same feeling as the bare hand would. The gloves make it so easy to grip the lines we no longer need to be wrapping lines around our hands trying to get a better grip. Another great thing about the Maxfit gloves is the fact no matter how many times we wash them and dry them they still fit great on your hand.

Being on a boat means there is always mechanical work to be down with motors, engines and haulers until now this work was done with our bare hands. With these gloves once again not only protecting our hands but making it easy to fix even the smallest part of the engines, screwing and unscrewing tiny nuts and bolts are for the first time it is easy to do with the Maxfit gloves. I think the Thermal gloves is even better because the grip a still amazing the ease in picking things up is still there and most of all being out on the water the extra layer really makes a difference. Love the thin hidex Maxfit gloves for any job and the Thermal are great for the winter months. My family have purchased many pairs and still seem to be amazed every time we put them on great gloves, great price and great way to make any job easier.

Thanks Maxfit

Chris Keeping

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