Maxfit Benefits

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MAXFIT’s Extreme Comfort - The innovative materials, design, contouring fit and lightweight construction of Maxfit® technology draws away perspiration and allow your hands to “breathe”, even in extremely warm environments. 

MAXFIT’s Dexterity –  Level 5 dexterity. Most gloves are bulky, feel uncomfortable and lack dexterity. However, Maxfit®  allows precise movement and control in performing even the most delicate tasks such as assembly or tool handling…true “surgical-like dexterity” without the discomfort and restraint. 

NEVERSLIP TM Grip – Our production process and advanced proprietary technology(patent 8719964 enables gloves with our NeverSlipTM coating to grip a wide variety of surfaces. The performance of the NeverSlipTM coating effectively increases grip strength by 40 to 400% versus the bare hand depending on the conditions(dry or wet). It also reduces the potential for skin abrasion, accidental drops and injuries. 

GRIPMAX TM – A new technology developed to increase gripping capability by as much as 100% versus the bare hand by integrating forms of hollow fiber, composite fibers and covered fibers into specific knit constructions that help increase the palm coating surface area of contact while gripping. This technology is particularly good for wet and oily conditions. It reduces fatigue and increases endurance.

ABRASIO TM – A simple but new technology to increase abrasion resistance by a factor of 12 when compared to leather and mechanics style gloves. This technology uses knitting construction to create a more uneven abrasion resistant surface with ultra high molecular weight polymer fibers.

SCUTATM – Uses blends of Ultra High Molecular weight fibers and fiberglass to increase the cut protection of gloves. The fibers are 12 times stronger than steel and are incorporated into the glove with Nylon covered elastane in a way that does not diminish comfort and flexibility.

BISTRATA TM – A technology to boost flexibility, cut resistance and aesthetic quality. This technology uses a minimum two layer knitting technique to create layers of fiber where the fiber adds most benefit. It creates a laminate receptive outer fabric layer on the glove for placement of high quality graphical design and greatly improves aesthetics.

PRIMOFLEX TM – A technology that uses a high spandex and fiberglass construction to improve fit and comfort with a high tech look and feel. It has the highest dexterity and feel while boosting performance of hand protection.

CALIDUS  – A technology that uses hollow fiber to boost insulation in a knit thin wall glove creating more warmth but maintaining breathable comfort. 

Hand Healthy – Engineered to be kind to the skin, our advanced  NeverSlipTM material contains NO Latex, NO Nitrile, and NO Natural Rubber. A skin-friendly alternative, the inside of the MAXFIT ™ glove helps maintain a soothing environment for the surface of the hand. Healthy skin equals comfortable skin.

"OSHA Safety and Health Information Bulletin (SHIB January 28, 2008) alerts field personnel, employees and employers about issues regarding sensitization and allergic reactions that have occurred in some individuals using natural rubber latex (NRL) products, particularly gloves, in the workplace setting. Use of natural rubber products may result in reactions ranging from redness and rash to nasal, sinus, and eye symptoms, asthmatic manifestations, including cough, wheeze, shortness of breath, and chest tightness to, in some cases, severe systemic reactions with swelling of the face, lips and airways that may progress rapidly to shock and, potentially, death." (OSHA Safety and Health Information Bulletin SHIB 01-28- 2008 Visit Website.)

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