News & Future Plans

The company's goal is to establish itself as a Global leader in the delivery of new and innovative products that are both relevant and superior to the competition.

Our team works hard to establish and maintain itself as a powerhouse of development, innovation and design. 

The company has a roll out plan for new innovative products under development that will service the outdoors, sports, health care and consumer markets. 

These cutting edge products will set us a part from the competitor bringing outstanding benefits in comfort, grip, body protection, lasting stamina, health and safety.

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Intellectual Property News: 

Patent 8,719,964: O’Neill LLC was granted a patent by the USPTO for its polymer coating technology. A utility patent was issued that covers the coating technology used for the Neverslip grip that adds 40% more grip in dry conditions and 400% more grip in wet conditions versus the bare hand. 

O’Neill LLC has a patent pending on application#: 61993314 for its new technology that allows graphic design to be applied to low melting  point fibers and a method thereof. This technology offers a method for applying graphic artwork as well as controlling the topology and shape forming attributes of the glove fabric without heat set and the potential degradation of the fabric.  Flexibility and comfort are maintained. The technology offers a cheaper alternative route to waterproofing and a cheaper more cost effective route to manufacture high end seamless gloves.

A number of design patents have been filed to supplement the main utility patents related to gloves. O’Neill LLC intends to build a sound technology platform for all its developments and to defend its intellectual Property with vigor.

Dec 2013: On December 6, a unanimous Delaware federal jury returned a complete defense verdict on contract and tort claims brought by Ron Kyle, et al while also returning a favorable verdict for O’Neill's counterclaim, finding that the former business partner had misappropriated intellectual property during his tenure at an O’Neill distribution company.



O’Neill LLC is working on new innovations related to body armor, mattresses and liquid dispensing.   These technologies are undergoing testing of stage 1 prototypes in preparation for creation of intellectual property before roll out and deployment.

We will be seeking potential partners with strong channels in the appropriate markets in which we currently see deployment: Sports, Camping, Hardware/Gardening.

If interested in partnering with one of our new technologies please contact O’Neill LLC for more information. 

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