About us

Established in 2007, O'Neill is the Global leader in creating high performance products through the application of new and innovative technology. Headquartered in Rome, Georgia, our company manufactures and sells its own products and brands as well as under private label 

Through innovation we have created a unique and innovative new category of SUPER glove that provides unmatched levels of design, function, grip, comfort, dexterity and touch sensitivity. We have other new products in various stages of commercialization that will emulate what we are achieving with gloves.

Our design and technology team works hard to establish the O'Neill brands as powerhouses in all markets that seek a freshness or that are driven by innovation and technology. The Company products are marketed under a variety of established brands including Maxfit®, and NeverSlipTM. The Company also licenses its intellectual property and provides private label gloves for certain clients and retailers. Since its inception, the Company has earned a reputation for providing innovative technology applications and creating high quality products. Our drive for constant innovation coupled with our promotional and marketing expertise make us the ideal partners in creating relevancy in today's highly competitive environment.

O’Neill LLC maintains a strict quality control process throughout the entire production cycle, and the Company maintains staff in Asia that support sourcing, production planning, new product development, research and quality control within our production facilities.

O’Neill LLC has a Joint Venture partner in Asia to support manufacturing. The OI-Jinhu JV improves O’Neill's growth and bottom line competitiveness but more importantly its quality assurance.  OI-Jinhu JV adds in house capability to control quality and manufacture with over 200 knitting machines, 4 production lines and a 2500m2 warehouse. 

The Company maintains a home office in Georgia and is building industrial and retail distribution throughout the United States. We have networks and resources that provide distribution and marketing support for our products into Canada, Europe and Australia.

Maxfit®, and NeverSlipTM are trademarks of O'Neill LLC.

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